Wrought Iron Patio Furniture

Wrought iron is a very popular, stable, weather resistant and attractive choice for patio and garden furniture. Evidence of its durability is found in the huge number of public parks and gardens that have had wrought iron benches for visitors for years. As with most metal furniture on the market today, wrought iron is often powder coated and painted. Although the wrought iron will rust in wet conditions if the coating is scratched or damaged, it is easily touched up with paint to prevent further rusting.

Wrought iron patio chairs will come in entirely scrolled styles famous in Mediterranean France and Spain that you can add cushions to if you wish, or with wood slats and wrought iron frames. Tables often have a glass top, and there are some very cute bistro tables made of wrought iron bases with garden stepping stones for tops, for as little as $75. This idea would work equally well in a small kitchen or breakfast nook, or even a poolside bar.

While wrought iron withstands all weather conditions, if you choose a piece with wood, cushions, or a folding style, you'll want to take some precautions with them.

Movable parts and hardware will be subject to rust, so you will want to ensure they are well oiled, and store folding patio furniture in a dry place for the winter.

You can expect some fading in any fabric over extended periods of exposure to the sun, but some types are more resistant than others. Any cushions or fabric should be stored for the winter, and if they do get wet during use, they should be allowed to dry completely before being stored.

The price for wrought iron garden benches will start at about $200, and you'll want to comparison shop because prices for the same bench will vary considerably between suppliers.

You'll also find the traditional wrought iron look available in lighter-weight, powder coated aluminum patio furniture of varying quality at a fraction of the price of wrought iron. Further, if you are looking for a more traditional and less severe aesthetic, you may want to consider wicker patio furniture for your patio.

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