Wooden Patio Furniture

Western red cedar is widely acclaimed as a leading wood for outdoor furniture construction. A natural oil preservative makes this wood highly resistant to rot, decay and insect infestations. It also ages very well to a silvery grey when left unfinished, and takes on a beautiful sheen and grain definition when a finish is applied.

Other popular woods used in constructing patio and garden furniture are teak, pine, cypress and mahogany. Cedar patio furniture and pine patio furniture are relatively inexpensive, while the more exotic teak patio furniture and mahogany patio furniture are at the higher end of the price range. It should also be noted that you will be able to find both redwood patio furniture as well as unfinished wood furniture. Depending on your personal taste these varieties could present the perfect outdoor decor solution for your patio.

For example, a fairly simply designed bench made of teak will cost about $550, while a similar style made of cedar will cost about $325.

Many types of lumber used for wooden patio furniture are just as attractive with or without a finish or paint. At a minimum, it's recommended that you apply a water sealant, especially before putting wood patio furniture away in a garden shed or other outdoor structures for storage during the winter. It is also a good idea to oil the wood occasionally to prevent dryness and cracking and to maintain the natural sheen, especially with softwoods like pine.

If you are conscientious about environmental issues around de-forestation, you can look for manufacturers' assurances that the wood is harvested only from renewable, managed sources.

One of the many benefits of wooden slat furniture is that you have the option of adding cushions, which you can change when you want a new look, without spending the extra money for the chair or bench frame.

Any fabric you choose for your patio furniture, whether for cushions, canopies, hammocks or garden flags, should have a high colour retention quality under prolonged exposure to light and sun, as well as being water and moisture resistant.

You should prevent water and moisture from sitting for long on any fabric, and remove soaked cushions from a wooden chair or bench to air dry and prevent damage to the wood. Most patio furniture cushions and fabric products can be cleaned with warm, soapy water, rinsed well and then air-dried. If you are looking for outdoor patio furniture that requires a little less maintenance than wood, you should consider taking a closer look at aluminum furniture.

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