Wicker Chairs

Among the most popular of cane-style furniture is that made of bamboo, willow, rattan and wicker. The benefit of cane furniture is also its downfall: it is lightweight and very versatile, but it is not intended for permanent outdoor use and is more susceptible to weather damage than other types of furniture made strictly for outdoor use. However, because it is lighter in material and design effect, it also makes for lovely indoor furnishing, especially in a solarium or closed-in patio during winter or inclement weather periods.

Willow and rattan are both fairly flexible in terms of producing curved and rounded furniture lines, while bamboo is much less malleable, enabling use in only straight lines. However, bamboo is a very strong, long-lasting material for use in indoor and outdoor furniture and garden accessories, as well as floors and window coverings.

If you do plan to move your bamboo or wicker patio furniture between indoors and your garden or patio, you'll want to ensure the upholstery and cushions are weather resistant, which is easy to do with the selection of outdoor patio furniture available. A bamboo garden bench will cost about $150, while wicker is less expensive.

Any fabric you choose for your patio furniture, whether for cushions, canopies, hammocks or garden flags, should have a high colour retention quality under prolonged exposure to light and sun, as well as being water and moisture resistant. You should prevent water and moisture from sitting for long on any fabric, and allow a full air-drying before folding or storing fabric items to avoid mold and mildew problems.

Most patio furniture cushions and fabric products can be cleaned with warm, soapy water, rinsed well and then air-dried.

Patio accessories, such as patio cushions, patio benches and patio screens, can also play a role in the beautification of your outdoor patio and outdoor garden space. Knowing which pieces are best for your outdoor patio is important when looking to avoid clutter.

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