Tiki Torch

Light up the night with tiki torches

The tiki torch trend never seems to go out of style when it comes to accenting your outdoor space. These torches are a great addition to outdoor gardens, outdoor patios, lawns and anywhere else you need a bit of light and a lot of style. These torches can also provide some level of pest control, as tiki torch mosquito control models are becoming more commonly sold through retailers.

The basic model of a traditional bamboo tiki torch is a tall pole (typically about 5 feet) with a fuel reservoir and wick on the top. These bamboo ticki torches offer an excellent aesthetic appeal, as well as great strength and durability. Nowadays, tiki torches use oil or gas as fuel sources and are available in copper, stainless steel and much more. As mentioned, you can varieties of tiki torches used for mosquito control which use citronella to keep pesky insects away.

Tiki torches are also available in a number of designs, from slender woven wicker – which is a great accent to wicker patio furniture – to elegant mosaic and wrought iron models that look more like patio accessories than practical lighting.

Safety Tips for Your Tiki Torch

The first thing to know about tiki torch safety, whether you're using a garden torch, patio torch or any other type, is that you're in charge of extinguishing the flame. While a tiki torch will burn itself out once the fuel source is gone, it's not advisable to leave a torch unattended.

You'll also want to ensure that you firmly anchor the torch into the ground. You can do this by sinking a pipe in the ground to go around the torch and keep it upright in high winds. Finally, in order to keep debris or even birds out of your tiki torch, consider buying a model that comes with a cover on the reservoir, or buy an attachable cover that you can use when the torch is not in use.

Other Types of Outdoor Torches

Tiki torches are not the only option for outdoor pole lighting. Oil-flame patio lanterns are very similar to torches, but have a glass enclosure rather than an open flame. You can also get a tabletop version of a tiki torch. Oil-burning candles and lanterns are available in a variety of styles, including the traditional bamboo tiki look.

Whether you want to add style to your outdoor space or are simply looking for a unique way to add outdoor lighting or path lighting, tiki torches and other outdoor torches are great options. Torchlight can add a subtle ambience, and a stylish torch can be the focal point of your outdoor design.

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