Solar Lights

Solar Lights

Solar powered lights for gardens, paths and patios

Solar landscape lights are one of the fastest-growing trends in outdoor design. They're versatile (no cords or wiring required), and they provide ambient to bright light where you need it. There's also the peace of mind in knowing you're doing something to help the environment. If you're looking to enjoy your outdoor space long after the sun goes down, look no further than solar lights to create the perfect blend of practicality and ambience.

Solar lights (or solar powered lights, as they are also known) are just what their name implies – lights that collect energy from the sun and convert it into electrical power stored in a rechargeable battery. An outdoor solar light is perfect in areas where no other light source is available, or simply as a means to cut back on your electric bill. Take a look at a few ways you can incorporate solar lights into your outdoor spaces:

  • Solar path light. You can light up dark pathways or mark a trail along fences without hassle using a solar path light. If you come home at night or are hosting a backyard party, you and your guests will have no trouble finding your way to the door if you are making use of your arrangement of solar path light.
  • Solar garden light. A solar garden light is the perfect solution for an area where no other light source is typically available. Use the solar powered garden lights to work longer into the evening or simply to light up the fruits of your labor so you can enjoy it with a relaxing drink from your patio after a hard day's work.
  • Solar patio light. And speaking of outdoor patio, nothing brightens up an outdoor party like solar patio lights. Providing just the right amount of light to allow guests to see while still preserving the nighttime atmosphere, you can strategically place solar lights around your patio furniture, even complementing it with a tiki torch arrangement for a dramatic effect.
  • Solar flood light. Solar flood light is a practical choice for doorways, shed roofs and any other place where targeted light is beneficial. Many people use them for security as a substitute for traditional electric flood lights.

What to Look for in Solar Landscape Lighting

Not all solar lights are suitable for the same purposes. One factor you'll certainly want to consider is the brightness of the light – solar lights can range from soft shadow to full flood. You'll also want to choose a waterproof and weatherproof design.

Be sure to consider rechargeable battery capacity and solar panel placement when you're choosing your lights. A good solar powered light should collect enough energy to last 12 hours (or the entire night), and you may also want to look for a set that runs off a single solar panel to save on clutter.

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