Shade Sails

Shade sails are rapidly becoming one of the most sought-after decorative items for patios and decks, and are popping up in trendy outdoor cafes across North America.

Shade sails are basically shade canopies suspended from walls and fixing posts rather than from a four-legged frame. Retractable shade sails offer more convenient control over your sun exposure than canopies or patio covers.

Shade sails are generally angular in shape with adjustable slanting to offer even more control over your sun exposure. These sun shade canopies provide shade for individuals looking to briefly escape the sun's exposure. The fixing posts and points will be at different heights to allow for water run-off.

You'll find triangular, square, rectangular and five-, six- or eight-pointed shade sails in any size, and you can also request a custom-designed shape and size from most suppliers. Shade sails can be a very economical choice for a garden shade system, with a small shade sail starting at as low as $70.

Shade sails can be customized to your desired dimensions or shipped ready-to-install, with the shade canopy and rods that you dig into the ground or hardware that you mount to your roof, wall or other support structures. Many are in do-it-yourself kits, but most manufacturers will either have an installation service or recommend a local installer.

A shade sail or shade canopy, projecting over part or all of you pool offers not only shade, but prevents leaves and other flying debris from polluting your pool. Many people will group and overlap several shade sails to create a large and decorative shaded area in their garden. Awnings can be used in similar ways, to provide shade over parts of an outdoor patio or outdoor garden.

Shade sail fabric will offer very high UV protection for you and your patio furniture, and you'll also want to consider the fade-resistance guarantee of the manufacturer. Some manufacturers will offer extended warrantees against fading, guaranteeing no more than a 5% fading from the original colour for as long as five years.

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