See-Saws, Spring Riders & Slides

Playground equipment is no longer restricted to the playground. Many of the play structures and play equipment your child enjoys at the local park can be found for purchase online and in outlets specializing in children's toys and outdoor structures. These items range from see-saws to slides, and are all now available in a format that allows you to have them in your backyard.

If you've ever had to lure your child away from the money-grabbing spring rider in entryway of your local grocery store, imagine being able to promise them a ride when they get home. You can get a portable rider that you can move around the yard or take to the campground or beach for about $100, or a spring rider in the shape of an animal and made of metal and polyethylene that you cement into the ground will cost about $600.

See-saws are available with 2, 4, 8 and 12 seats. Generally made of galvanized steel or wood, see-saws are still a popular feature in a lot of public parks, and you can get a small wooden 2-seater to add to your yard's swing set for about $450.

Climbers, tunnels, slides, bridges can all be added to existing playground equipment and play structures, at anywhere from about $1000 to a couple of thousand dollars. A play tunnel may be an unconventional play structure idea, however it is sometimes the simplest objects that provide the most joy for children.

A stand-alone, one-piece spiral slide made of polyethylene will cost $2500 and up. One-piece play equipment eliminates the possibility of pinched fingers in gaps that may occur in multi-piece constructions.

Stand-alone climbers, especially those in a dome shape and capable of handling many 'kings of the castle' at once are extremely popular. A dome will start at about $1000, with multiple perpendicular and parallel structures ranging to a couple thousand and more.

Parallel climbers or fire poles can be stand alone, but they make for special role-playing as an add-on to a play structure or a treehouse, at a surprisingly expensive price of about $1000.

As always, be careful when placing play structures around garden structures or landscaping objects to ensure maximum safety and enjoyment for both you and your children.

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