Porch Swings

Porch swings are available with or without a frame. When looking for porch swings, you'll find many that are equally suitable in the garden or on the porch or patio. Some porch swings are designed only for use on a porch and should not be installed on the lawn unless the manufacturer provides instructions for doing so safely.

Generally speaking, you will be able to find porch swings in the following varieties: wicker porch swings, wooden porch swings and metal porch swings. You will also want to be vigilant in the sense that they are sometimes referred to as patio swings, as these two items fall under the same category.

Cedar is a favorite for all outdoor furniture, and a two-seat cedar porch swing will cost about $375, while a similar design in pine will cost about $250. A fairly simple design, two-seat porch swing in teak will cost about $400. A plain two-cushion bench swing without a stand will start at $200.

Optional A-frames for your hanging porch swing will also be sold separately at a price of about $300.

A single hammock swing will cost about $125 with the stand, but you can also buy them with chains and hang them from your porch beams as with other porch swings.

In addition, there are many porch swing design plans and do-it-yourself kits available in home and garden decor retail outlets, books and online.

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