Playground Equipment

When we think of garden equipment, we often overlook playground equipment, but if you have kids, you know this is a big priority. Many of us think of playgrounds consisting of swings, monkey bars and, if we were lucky, a mini-merry-go-round in the local park of our childhood. These days, the traditional children's swing sets with two seats hanging separately from a frame with ropes or chains have been surpassed by multiple module sets that you can mix and match for your family's enjoyment.

Playground equipment and play structures with climbing decks and beams, platforms and gazebos, slides and sandboxes, and even treehouses with rope bridges are now a pretty popular feature in a lot of backyards. Something that elaborate, in wood, will cost about $6300, and you still have even more optional add-ons you can save for later. There is obviously going to be a variety of playground equipment prices depending on manufacturers, quality and retailer of the equipment.

Outdoor playground equipment is definitely becoming more elaborate, but at the same time the quality of the equipment is also improving. Be aware of cheap playground equipment, as despite the price savings, you may be facing a quality shortage, something that presents a risk to those using the equipment.

Manufacturers will have pre-designed playground equipment as well as design plans and kits to build your own. As your children, and family, grow, you can add on new modules to your home playground equipment. If it's possible that your family will move before the children have outgrown the equipment, you'll want to get free standing structures so that you can move them with you. You should be able to take most lawn garden equipment, including playground equipment, apart easily for transportation and storage.

Playground equipment made of wood is a good, sturdy choice. You'll want manufacturer's guarantees about the quality of the wood and the 'splinter-free' factor.

Your playground equipment should include safety surfaces and zones. Gravel, sand and shredded wood chips are suitable safety surfaces.

Providing your kids with their own playground will ensure your kids are playing in the safety of your own backyards on play structures that you approve of. Besides, your kids will love being close to the freezer to enjoy a frozen treat on a hot summer day.

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