Patio Swings

The wide selection of patio swings available from garden centres and patio furniture outlets includes porch swing sets, gliders, arbour swing sets, hammocks and lawn or garden swing sets. Within each of those categories, you'll find a huge range of materials, styles, sizes, quality, accessories and pricing.

Garden swing safety is very important, especially if there are children around, and in any case, you'll want to follow safe installation or set-up instructions to avoid tipping and personal injury.

A few basic safe garden swing tips:

  • Never walk in front of or behind a garden swing in motion
  • Never stand on a garden swing
  • Keep your arms and legs inside the frame of the garden swing
  • Never jump from a garden swing in motion

When buying ground-model patio swings, you'll want to ensure the base or stand is appropriate to the terrain the garden swing will be used on, and of course for hanging patio swings, you'll want to ensure a strong hanging foundation and hardware.

Some swings are intended for porch use only. When setting up any swing set, be sure to follow the manufacturers recommendations and instructions regarding stabilizing and anchoring.

When making your choice of material, you'll find that the sling style of garden swing is relatively inexpensive, and the manufacturer will carry replacement slings. Depending on how much use and rigour the sling might be exposed to, you might want to ensure that there is a good warranty in place, or go with a sturdier style and material, such as metal or wood with cushions.

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