Patio Lights

If you spend a lot of evening time outside, patio lights can turn your patio into a summer living room, where you can read quietly or socialize with friends and family over midnight snacks.

Outdoor patio lights or deck lights come in just about any novelty figure as well as elegant designs. These patio lanterns have globes or shades of plastic or glass, and they are available in a selection of colours and a wide price range. Patio string lights also come in number of varieties to reflect various design styles and preferences.

You'll also find table top and free-standing patio lights in traditional, elegant European streetlamp styles, some of which will have a base that will also serve as a planter box.

Streetlamp-style patio lights will be available in electric models that you simply plug in or torch styles that you fill with standard lamp oil or citronella flame oil. Citronella oil lamps repel mosquitoes and other biting insects, and usually have a fibreglass wick designed to last a lifetime. You may also be able to find solar lights that you can use as patio lights, which would save you money in the long run.

For more subtle lighting, potting lights that you can install into the ground around the perimeter of your outdoor patio, outdoor garden or deck are available in different colours. These kinds of outdoor patio lights are popular for highlighting areas of low shrubbery and flowers in your garden, as are low louver lights that point light downward.

You can find outdoor lighting at specialty garden lighting shops, but you should also browse general home improvement and lighting retailers for the biggest selection to choose from. There is a good selection of weatherproof lighting that will serve equally well indoors and out.

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