Patio Furniture

Gone are the days of boring patio furniture - the selection available today is incredible. You can choose from patio bar tables complete with bar stools, a chaise lounge, and even an outdoor recliner. Patio furniture is available in a wide selection of styles and materials: wood, plastic, wrought iron, tubular metal and bamboo and wicker. You can even find patio furniture for your dog, but you'll need to make sure you install a patio dog door for easy access.

Cedar is one of the most popular patio furniture woods. Western red cedar is widely acclaimed as a leading wood for outdoor furniture construction, especially for Adirondack chairs and Muskoka chairs.

In addition to cedar, you'll find a huge selection of patio furniture constructed of other timber: teak, mahogany and pine among the most popular. All of these woods withstand all weather conditions, last for years and require minimal care. Nevertheless, it's recommended that you apply a water sealant, especially before putting wooden patio furniture away in a garden shed or other outdoor structure for storage during the winter.

If you are conscientious about environmental issues around de-forestation, you will find manufacturers with assurances that the wood is harvested only from renewable, managed sources.

Among the types of plastic, resin is the material used in that very familiar and widely available plastic patio furniture, usually found in dark green or white. Resin is basically a compound of plastic and mineral products that is moulded into any shape, with colour added during the moulding. Resin is extremely durable, weather resistant, stable, and easy to care for, as well as being very light in weight - and on the pocketbook!

Resin patio chairs, dining sets, tables and canopy bases are very popular items, especially as they are usually stackable and easy to move from one area of your garden to another, or to the beach or campground.

Scrolled wrought iron furniture has been a classic style for years in public garden benches and private homes in the Mediterranean, and wrought iron is an extremely popular patio furniture choice, either in pieces made entirely of wrought iron or with wrought iron accents in frames, backs and table bases.

Patio furniture covers and other accessories such as cushions and a patio rug are also available for most styles of patio furniture. The garden furniture you choose will be influenced by your style, your garden, and your budget, but rest assured, you'll find a patio set that is perfect for your outdoor space.

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