Patio Decks

Backyard deck design options

Patio decks are essential to outdoor relaxation, but before you can do that, there are lots of decisions that need to be made in order to build and furnish your deck to perfection for both comfort and style. Fortunately, there are plenty of options in materials and plenty of deck and patio accessories to suit any taste.

Building Your Deck

We won't go into the actual process for building a deck here – you'll need a good set of deck plans and deck designs for that. But what we will look at are the different materials and designs you can choose from.

From a material standpoint, natural wood decks are the most common choice. You'll want the lumber for your wood deck designs to be pressure-treated to hold up to the elements, but you'll also have to put work into yearly maintenance, such as sanding and staining. You'll also want to make sure the wood matches surround objects. For instance, patio deck designs being placed in backyards need to blend in with the décor of the surrounding landscape, such as any fences nearby.

Composite decks are a trend that's catching on in the world of deck building. Composite decks are a combination of synthetic materials and natural wood, and it's often difficult to tell the difference between the two. Composite deck railing is also available so your finished product won't look mismatched.

At a minimum, composite is usually double the price of pressure-treated wood, but it will save you money on repair and save you time in maintenance. Composite wood doesn't fade, warp or crack and can be cleaned with just a spraying.

Furnishing Your Deck

When it's time to outfit your deck, deck furniture and deck accessories should be your starting point. A deck dining set is an all-purpose choice, but if you have parties in mind, consider outdoor bar furniture as well. Bar sets often come with extra seating options, the bar for preparing and serving drinks and plenty of storage space for glasses, mixes and any other items you want to keep handy.

Another important furnishing element is your deck lighting. You'll want to make sure you have enough light to see by, but you don't want to spoil the ambience of an outdoor evening. Consider multiple solar lights or lanterns placed all around the deck to use while entertaining, as well as mounted switch lights over doorways.

Once you have the big-ticket items in place, you can concentrate on choosing the perfect deck accessories to provide the finishing touch to your space. Potted plants, candles and tile artwork are popular choices, but the final choice really comes down to your taste. Spend some time checking out options in stores or online and enjoy the fun part after the hard work of deck design is done!

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