Path Lighting

Path lighting can be used on a deck, boat dock or in the ground around the perimeter of your outdoor patio or along a pathway. You can even use this for garden path lighting. Within the category of path lighting itself, you'll find over a dozen different types to choose from, including: floodlights, louver lights, garden lanterns and tiki torches, coach lanterns, sensor lights and dock lighting, to name just a few.

Path lighting fixtures that stake into the ground and have tiers or louvers pointing downward reduce glare and highlight shrubbery and floral areas of your garden.

Recessed path lighting is like ground level pot lighting, installed in the ground or a deck. You'll find these in different colors, and some are solar powered.

Solar-powered path lighting receives battery charging during daylight hours and will illuminate your garden path or patio for as long as 8 to 10 hours of darkness for several days, even if its been overcast during that period. This level of functionality and cost savings makes these lights optimal for outdoor garden lighting as well as outdoor patio lighting.

Many path lighting fixtures will have automatic on/off features, turning on at dusk and off at dawn. Some path lighting will be motion-sensored, coming on only when something enters the path. You can even find models of path lighting that offer mosquito control as an additional feature.

If you're looking for purely functional path lighting, like floodlights or sensor lights, you'll find them in any hardware, home improvement or interior/exterior lighting retail outlet. Decorative path lighting will be found in those types of outlets as well, but you'll find a much bigger selection in many garden decor and landscaping specialty stores.

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