Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting will set the mood for those breezy summer evenings or illuminate the pathway to your garden and patio. There are as many choices in outdoor lighting for your yard or garden as there are for your home, and you will even find that some designs you'd expect to find in the home are weather-proofed for garden and patio use. Patio and garden lights will either have a weighted base or require installation in the ground. Some garden lamps have a planter base making it functional and decorative.

Some provide light with electricity, some with lamp oil and some are solar powered. Citronella lamps, garden torches and tiki torches are especially popular in areas with heavy insect traffic.

A European-style globe lamp with single or multiple globes, high/low switches, will start at just over $130 and increase with each additional globe or arm. You'll find Venetian, Victorian and Holland styles within this category of garden lamp.

You'll also find a huge range of other categories in garden lighting to choose from: country and rustic designs and sturdy architectural designs that will complement your garden dcor and impress with style.

Outdoor patio lighting comes in just about any novelty figure as well as elegant designs. The globes or shades will be plastic or glass, available in a selection of colours. If you spend a lot of evening time outside, outdoor patio lighting can turn your patio into a summer living room, where you can read quietly or socialize with friends and family over midnight snacks.

You can find outdoor lighting at specialty garden lighting shops, but you should also browse general home improvement and lighting retailers for the biggest selection to choose from.

For more information on the wide variety of outdoor lighting available online, check out some of the shopping links at the top of this page.

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