Outdoor Heaters

Outdoor heaters have turned porches, decks and patios into an all-season source of pleasure and relaxation for millions of homeowners.

Today's outdoor heaters are safe, quiet and affordable. Now you can relax in the hot tub, use your barbecue or simply unwind on the patio whatever the season or the weather.

Outdoor heaters typically use either propane or natural gas, and will generate up to 50,000 BTUs of radiant heat - enough to keep you cozy in a 20-foot diameter. Although smaller footstool-sized heaters are available, the most common outdoor heaters resemble a lamppost with an umbrella-shaped cap. You can also find portable propane heaters, as well as portable electric heaters, for use if you plan on moving around while you are on you outdoor patio.

Prices start around $199 and can go up to $1000 for commercial-strength models that you will also see in restaurants with outdoor patios. Of course, another large scale option when it comes to outdoor heating is an outdoor fireplace. These items may cost more, but add an ambiance that is tough to replicate.

Most outdoor heaters come in a variety of designer colors. Some outdoor heaters have adjustable wheels so they can be easily moved. It is important that when looking at outdoor patio heaters you take you patio's décor into consideration so as to ensure the heater blends in. For instance, you wouldn't want your outdoor propane heater to be a large silver box if you are patio and surrounding décor consisted of dark colored wood.

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