Outdoor Bar Furniture

Serve up drinks from your patio bar

When the warm summer weather hits, an outdoor bar is just the place to entertain friends or just relax after a long day. Patio bar furniture makes it easy to move all the comforts of your inside bar out, from seating and lounging to all the equipment needed to whip up your favorite drinks.

Patio Bar Sets

The easiest way to get the complete outdoor bar furniture experience is to opt for a patio bar set. Most sets are available with the following furniture pieces and accessories:

  • Outdoor bar stools. A bar is incomplete without stools, and while it may not give you the same feeling as kicking back in a chaise lounge, an outdoor bar stool can actually make a comfortable seat. Stools come padded or unpadded, short or tall and backed or backless, so you can find a happy medium between your style and your need for comfort.
  • Outdoor bar. You can't have an outdoor bar without the bar! These can be as elaborate or as simple as you choose, with higher-end models coming equipped with a full sink and refrigerator. Lower-budget outdoor bars typically have a large serving area for drink preparation, as well as racks to hold glasses or bottles.
  • Outdoor bar table. You may not need this piece if you already have a patio dining set, but you might still find an outdoor bar table great for extra dining space during parties. If you don't already have a table, you can opt for one or more bar tables, depending on how many people you expect to entertain. Push two tables together and you'll find you don't need a dining table at all.
  • Outdoor serving cart. These are great for smaller bars where there may not be much room for ingredients or extra glasses. You can use a cart to wheel all the extras over when you need them and then tuck them out of the way again when necessary. These carts can also act as end tables for guests who are sitting away from the bar.

Individual Outdoor Bar Furniture Pieces

Buying your patio bar furniture separately can give you greater flexibility and customization than an outdoor bar set, particularly if your patio is small. You may find you don't need all the pieces above, or you may find you need more of one piece than a set offers. It's also a great cost-saving option, since you can add pieces at different times rather than paying outright for everything.

From a style standpoint, buying individual pieces can also help you have a little more fun with your outdoor bar. Mixing woods and metals, for example, or colors and textures is a great way to give your outdoor patio bar furniture a unique feel. Throw in some tiki torches and some colorful fabrics to co-ordinate with your wooden patio furniture, and your neighbors won't just be talking about your patio bar – they'll be stopping by for a drink!

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