Mosquito Control

Mosquito control in your patio and garden is becoming increasingly important, especially in light of the threat of West Nile disease. Mosquitoes control traps and devices are also becoming more common, given many of the new natural, chemical free options available.

Relatively new to the mosquito control market, mosquito traps work by tricking mosquitoes into approaching it in the hopes of a meal by mimicking a warm body. Mosquito traps will emit heat, moisture, carbon dioxide, sound and in some cases small amounts of octenol, in varying combinations depending on the brand and type. All work to attract mosquitoes and other biting insects, and then suck them into a canister where they dehydrate and die or become stuck to a glue strip that you change every so often.

Octenol is a pesticide active ingredient that attracts mosquitoes and other biting insects, but it does not kill them, and the Environmental Protection Agency states that it is not harmful to humans and other non-target organisms when emitted into the air. However, it is harmful if ingested, so safe storage out of the reach of children is extremely important.

Mosquito control traps are designed to work within a specified area, and aim to actually reduce the mosquito population for an large an area as an acre, by attracting and killing the female and newly hatching mosquitoes over a period of a couple months. These traps can be a major part in your mosquito control system, which could also involve creative landscaping and gardening.

Mosquito control traps operate on a propane cylinder or electricity. A propane-fuelled mosquito control trap that operates within an acres range will cost about $350, while an electric one will cost about $300. The propane cylinder is generally sold separately. You can find mosquito control products at many garden centres and camping supply outlets.

Citronella torches and candles are age-old mosquito repellent options for the patio and garden, and also provide ambience to your patio and garden during the evening. Citronella torch garden lamps can be found at garden centres, hardware stores and exterior lighting retail outlets.

These mosquito control traps are especially helpful if you have outdoor heaters, which can sometimes work to draw in these insects.

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