Ah, what can beat the comfort of a hammock on a lazy summer afternoon!

Hammocks are available in chair or lounge styles, single and double, free-standing or traditional tree or post models, and in a wide range of fabrics and colors. The range in prices for hammocks is also significant, so you will want to do a fair bit of comparison shopping for the features you're looking for.

Mayan hammocks are extremely popular multi-colored hammocks available in single, double and king-size. Though not always imported from Mexico, these hammocks are woven in the style and craftsmanship of the Mayans.

Every hammock has a maximum weight capacity and will come with hanging instructions specific to the hammock size and style. Pay attention to the weight capacity and don't overload your hammock, even if it is fun.

Some general rules of thumb for hanging hammocks:

  • The distance between two trees or posts will be determined by the size of the hammock and manufacturer's instructions, but about 15 feet is a fair estimation.
  • If the hanging distance is 15 feet, the rope should be hooked to the trees or posts at about a four foot height, higher for less distance.
  • If you don't have a hammock stand or trees to hang your hammock from, you can get hammock support stakes that you dig in and cement down into the ground according to the manufacturers depth recommendations.

A single hammock swing is basically a sling chair made of twined rope similar to the hammock bed, and will cost about $125 with the stand, but you can also buy them with chains and hang them from your porch, patio or gazebo beams or a strong branch on a favorite tree in your garden.

Hammock accessories include cushions, head pillows, side tables, brochure hangers, canopies, stands, braces and tree cables. Depending where the hammock is situated, patio umbrellas could also be an excellent accessory for your hammock.

If one is feeling very hands-on, you may decide that making a hammock is for you. If this is the case one will be able to find many sites dedicated to making your own hammock by doing a simple search online.

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