Gliders are basically couches on lateral rockers. Similar to rocking chairs, gliders are stand-alone loveseats or benches that glide gently to and fro laterally, rather than swinging from a stand or frame as with garden and porch swings.

Porch gliders are usually two-seaters, but you will find a fair selection of one-seaters and even three-seaters, and there are also face-to-face glider swing sets that do have a frame and are great for a larger patio or in the garden. A pine face-to-face glider swing set will cost from $1,500 to $2,000.

You can find gliders in any material and style to match your other patio or garden decor. A two-seater pine porch glider will cost from $375 to $500. You can add cushions to wood or metal gliders for extra comfort, and some gliders have a sling seat design.

A one-seat sling-style glider will start at about $250, while a two-seater will start at about $350, depending on your choice of construction material used for the frame.

You will also be able to find outdoor gliders, which can be placed on your outdoor patio or in your outdoor garden, depending on their design. Patio gliders can add a lovely touch to the decor of your house. Another term for these pieces of outdoor furniture are rocker gliders, which refers to the rockers that guide the seat portion of the apparatus which makes them different from swing sets.

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