Garden Swings

When looking for garden swings, you'll find a huge variety of children's swing sets and the traditional wooden adult garden and porch swings.

The traditional child swing set is made of metal or wood, with two seats hanging separately from a frame with ropes or chains, are now often just one popular part of a whole 'jungle gym' or playset, with climbing decks and beams, play platforms and gazebos, slides and sandboxes.

Garden swings intended as patio furniture are widely available in different kinds of wood in the style reminiscent of grandma's garden, often as part of an arbor. This means that you can have your very own wooden swing set or metal swing set to lounge in after a hard day's work.

Many garden swings will work equally well on your patio or porch if you have the space for the frame, but many styles have the seat suspended by chains or rope that you can also hang from your porch, patio or gazebo beams. An outdoor swing set such as this presents a great match between functionality and comfort.

Many garden swings come with an optional canopy. You'll also find a wide range of weather resistant cushions, pillows and side tables to add comfort and style to your garden swings.

A four-seat red cedar garden swing will start at about $325, and a five-seater about $400, but there is a wide variation in prices for similar swings so you will want to shop around. When it comes to swing sets, you want to make sure you invest in something sturdy to avoid unforeseen malfunctions.

For more information on the wide variety of garden swings available online, or potentially for more information on how to build your own swing set, check out some of the shopping links at the top of this page.

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