Garden Furniture

You'll want to consider your garden's terrain when choosing a style and material for your garden furniture. The sturdiest garden furniture will be of a hardy wooden type, with Adirondack chairs and furniture topping the list.

Spindly-legged wrought iron chairs and tables invite accidental tipping, and resin and other plastics will wobble (although some have resin bases that you can fill with water or sand to anchor them). Tubular metal lawn furniture is often designed with a bottom wrung to reduce wobbling.

If uneven ground level doesn't have to be a consideration, finding furniture for the garden is open to you, with a huge selection of styles of outdoor garden furniture available in different kinds of woods, plastics, metals and cane to match and accent your outdoor garden decor. Some of the more common varieties of garden furniture include: garden benches, plastic garden furniture and garden fountains.

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