Garden Fountains

Garden fountains are available in single or multi-tiered varieties of all sizes, designed to be mounted to a wall, post or on a deck rail, pedestal or on the ground. Many people find the sound of running water very peaceful, and moving water is especially attractive to birds and other backyard visitors.

You'll find a large selection of garden fountains designed to blend naturally into your garden's landscape, and to provide a social centrepiece around which you can set up your garden furniture.

In addition to matching or accenting your existing garden decor, you'll want to put some thought into what the fountain is made of. One can find these objects in a variety of materials like stone garden fountains, copper garden fountains and resin garden fountains. Concrete and ceramic are poor choices of material for an outdoor fountain that will remain exposed during winter, as they will crack and break in freezing temperatures. Bronze withstands all weather conditions and ages well, and with a wrought iron patio dining set, a bronze garden fountain makes a nice audio and visual focal point in a gathering area.

Garden fountains range in size from small tabletop miniature rock gardens to multi-tiered sculptured stone or bronze fountains reminiscent of those found in Italy's public squares. A tabletop garden fountain will start at about $40, while a large bronze fountain will start in the thousands of dollars.

With a large, multi-tiered ground level fountain, you'll not only attract many birds of different species, but you'll also have the option of adding small fish and the water source will attract other water-loving creatures like frogs and turtles.

You may want to consider a fountain heater in the winter, which will save your creatures and provide an open source of water for birds when other sources are frozen over. You will also want to ensure your outdoor garden fountains are not too close to your garden swings, if you have such things, because you are placing yourself in high of risk of having an accident.

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