Garden Benches

The selection of garden benches ranges from the traditional park bench made of wooden slats and wrought iron, to beautifully finished hardwood or bamboo settees with decorative weather resistant cushions, to simple pine or other solid wood seats that you would use with a picnic table or add to an arbour.

Garden potting benches, usually made of cedar, will have a simple, often backless bench with a potting box on one or both ends. Potting benches can be purchased in sets to make a U-shape or square sitting area.

Adding a bench or a loveseat to an arbor or gazebo provides a relaxing place to read a book or enjoy a sunset. You can also create your own arbour by adding trellises to each side of a garden bench and a third trellis or an arch above to join the two.

As an architectural feature of your garden, an arbor can provide an inviting gateway or a lovely window framing the distant landscape. Many wooden arbors will come with a loveseat bench or swing set, at a price of about $150, depending on the material. At the other end of the spectrum, a simple stand alone wrought iron bench that you can add to your existing arbor will cost about $180.

A stand-alone, ornately scrolled wrought iron bench without cushions will start at about $250.

The price for wooden garden benches will vary with the type of wood. For example, a fairly simply designed teak garden benches will cost about $550 each, while a similar style made of cedar will cost about $325 each. The cost may seem high in comparison to plastic garden furniture, however consider that the quality and durability are usually higher and you will see why this form of garden furniture is usually preferred.

There are a variety of garden benches, such as Japanese garden benches, stone garden benches and concrete garden benches, but there are many more as well. To get an idea of the wide variety of garden benches available online, check out some of the shopping links at the top of this page.

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