Chaise Lounge

Kick back on outdoor chaise lounge chairs

Nothing beats the comfort of a chaise lounge chair on your patio, but be warned: buy a cheap chaise lounge and you'll pay for it many times over. If you love the outdoors and are looking forward to doing some relaxing on your patio or deck, you'll want an outdoor chaise lounge with durability, structure and a lot of style!

Choosing a Chaise Lounge Chair for Function

A chaise lounge chair doesn't have to cost a lot, but remember, you're investing in something that should last for years. Most people opt to spend a little more upfront for iron, aluminum or wood lounges, instead of more frugal wicker chairs or resin lounge chair designs. These types of chaise lounge chairs are susceptible to cracking and sun damage, and are also less sturdy than metal and wood.

An important tip on extending the life of any type of outdoor chaise lounge is to ensure it is cared for year-round. In warm weather, wood lounges will require waterproofing and upkeep on the finish you choose, though all chaise lounges will benefit from lounge covers to protect them from the elements. When the snow flies, be sure to pack up and store your patio chaise lounge and other patio furniture pieces to keep them in good condition.

Choosing a Chaise Lounge for Style

Not every patio set includes a chaise lounge, so many buyers opt to add this piece as an accent to their existing set. You can match your chaise to your existing patio set in a couple of ways:

  • Match the material. If you can't match the style of your patio set exactly, try to contrast. You can make your chaise into the focal piece by choosing an elaborate design against a simpler patio set, or make it blend in by choosing simple lines when your patio set has a unique design.
  • Match the fabric. If your patio set came with cushions, you might not be able to match the exact color in your chaise lounge cushions. Instead, pull a solid from a patterned cushion or add a pattern to your solid cushions for contrast.

Making the Most of your Patio Chaise Lounge

If you're buying your chaise as a stand-alone chair, you'll have plenty of options in design and material, from the simple to the ornate. Match the style or fabric to your other patio accessories and it will look like it was always meant to be there. So grab a seat, or better yet opt for a double chaise lounge and invite some friends over, pull up near your patio dining set and enjoy your patio in comfort and style.

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