Awnings extend from your house over your patio or garden and are available in permanent or retractable styles. Ready-to-install awnings are available in a number of different sizes to fit standard patio areas, but you can also order custom-designed awnings and shades to fit the dimensions of your deck, patio, garden and entryways.

By providing shade over windows, awnings help keep your house cool as well as offering a refuge for you and your guests from the sun.

Retractable awnings are a great option for controlling the amount of light into the house and sun exposure in your outdoor social area. Awnings will usually come with a manual retraction arm and an option for remote controlled retraction at an extra cost.

The awning canopy or tarp will usually be made of polyethylene or other weather-resistant material. You'll want to ensure a very high UV protection, that the fabric is also fade-resistant, and you may or may not want waterproof fabric. Awning hoods are available for extra covering at an additional cost.

If you're not going to mount the awning directly to your house, you can get awning support structures. Awning support structures will be made of vinyl, aluminum or wood, and they can be two-posts, creating an arbor, or four-posts to create a bigger enclosure.

Standard manually retractable awnings measuring 10-by-12 foot to be installed on the house will start at as low as $700, but the prices vary considerably between manufacturers, and you'll want to compare them in terms of the fabric and mounting gear they offer. If you want custom dimensions, you can usually choose your material and support structures and then call for a quote on your porch awnings.

In contrast, if you are feeling that you want more light at night, then you should look into outdoor lighting for your outdoor patio and outdoor garden.

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